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We provide you with reliable rail freight transportation solutions to move your goods between Europe and Asia safely, cost-efficiently and on time. Get in touch with us: our team is at your disposal to find the best solution tailored to your needs.

At Global Shipping we offer rail freight solutions for your shipment between Europe and Asia whenever they offer a more favourable cost or speed of service.

This shipping method is the safest and most eco-friendly way of transporting goods by land, allowing your company to move very large shipments at once, at a lower price for long-distance transport.

Also, it is the ideal solution if your company needs to move an urgent cargo safely and reliably: railroad transportation delivery time is not influenced by traffic or weather conditions and, due to strict rail freight timetables, it boasts a higher predictability of deliveries.

Rail freight

Advantages of rail freight

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Possibility to transport very large shipments at once
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Lower price for long-distance transport
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More eco-friendly than road transport
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Safest way of transporting goods by land
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Higher predictability of deliveries

FCL or LCL rail freight shipment?

It is crucial to rely on a trustworthy partner when choosing either FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than Container Load), since there are several factors to consider: the dimensions and the weight of your shipment, your type of goods and the transit time (how quickly do you need to get your goods at destination?). Once we have evaluated with you all these elements, we will plan a tailor-made shipment that satisfies your needs.

FCL – Full Container Load

FCL is a quicker and less risky shipping solution where all goods in the container are owned by one party. It is ideal for loose items and voluminous products.

LCL – Less than Container Load

LCL is a flexible and cost-effective option for transporting less voluminous shipments. The container is loaded with cargo from multiple parties.

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Why choose us for rail freight services?

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Complete assistance to track & trace your shipping
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Full documentation service and letters of credit handling
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Direct support for further required certifications

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The differences concern both cubic capacity and weight that can be loaded. A standard 20ft container can hold up to about 21.500 kilos of goods (24.000 kilos tare weight included) and has an average capacity of 30 cbm; there also certified containers that can hold up to about 27.500 kilos of goods (30.480 kilos tare weight included). A 40 ft container can generally squeeze about 60 cbm worth of goods inside and you can load 26.500 kilos of goods (30.460 kilos tare weight included).

Among the factors to be taken into consideration are requested time for the loading; place of loading; type of goods; shipping company.

  • When a specific time for the loading is required, an additional charge could be added. Furthermore, whether the company exceeds the franchise, extra costs could be charged.
  • The place of loading must correspond to the one indicated in the booking. Modification, where necessary, might require extra costs.
  • There are costs related to the type of goods you are willing to ship. Dangerous or IMO goods, for example, require specific procedures and their cost is defined at the time of request.
  • Each company applies its own rates. Our experts identify the company which best suits your needs.

If you need more info, please contact us.

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