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Product description:

The innovative FLASH-LINE will complete Montolit product portfolio of the 300 Project, though reflecting an innovative


When proceeding with the development, MONTOLIT wanted to offer to professional customers a smart tool which

could be appreciated for its easy-of-use, compact structure and universal operation in combination with highly

competitive price

The result of the development: FLASH-LINE.

A totally new system dedicated to all type of tiles and slabs with dimensions up to 340cm length and 1,2 cm thickness:

a product therefore not only conceived for large slabs but for an universal versatile use.

FLASH-LINE : a smart product for smart professionals.

FLASH LINE is composed by the following elements:

• 3 aluminium bars of 120 cm each, with a quick connecting system to form a bar of 360cm to allow an incision up

to 340 cm long;

• special carriage sliding on the bar , complete with a titanium coated cutting wheel;

• special adjustable tile nibbler with double cutting possibility: direct or progressive;


• strong nylon bag with sections and shoulder strap for storing all of the above elements to be easily transported.

Phase1) - Incision

The bar (single, double or triple depending on the dimension to be cut) includes

special rubber strips in its lower side.

1) lay the bar on the tile or slab

2) put the carriage on the top of the bar

3 press on the carriage so that the adherence to the material is increased and the

incision wheel, which turns down, will engrave the tile/slabs in the precise moment

the carriage is moved in the preferred direction (push or pull).

Phase2) - Breaking

When the incision has been completed, the breaking needs to be done by the


special tile nibbler operated at the two extremes of the incision made.

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