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USAGE Surface to treat must be clean, dust free and dry. Add. Catalyst to the mastic according to room temperature and required Pot life. Mix thoroughly. At 20°C use 2% catalyst. Pot-life 8minutes. Keep lid well closed and store product in a cool place. Guarantee 12 months from data of production. Mix the two components well and apply taking care to spread mastic paste as required. Face mastic after 2 hours from polymerization. Polish marble in the usual way.

Colour Mastic Cream / Dark cream / White / Transparent / Black / Red / Green

Type Solid / Semisolid / Liquid

Packing 125ml / 750ml / 1lt / 4lt / 19lt

Pcs/carton 18 / 8 - 12 / 6 / 4 / 1


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