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Product description:

Global proposes a complete range of reinforced cutting and grinding wheels to its customers. The reinforced abrasive discs are used for all types of cuts and workmanships of ferrous and not ferrous materials, stones, granite, etc. From the common building steel, to the most reinforced steel.

The very high penetration speed doesn’t give time to the heat to propagate and allows cold cut conditions.

The cutting-off wheel is probably the fastest and most versatile tool the technology offers.

The production divides itself into two main categories: cutting-off wheels (flat and depressed center) and grinding wheels.

Cutting-off wheel: used to cut every building material.

Grinding wheels: for the removal and emery.

The two characteristics “flat center” and “depressed center” depend on the electric tools.

The application fields and the use are always specified on the label of each product.

Besides the traditional abrasive discs, the technological evolution in the last few years, took a productive adjustment

(for a required market specification) of a few types of reinforced flat discs that become extra thin (millimetres 1,0, 1,2 1,6 2,0 ).

Such discs, which Lampiflex named “mini-discs” have technical features which allows many advantages in the

material manufacturing phase: reduction of cut times, operating precision, remarkable cut capacity and cost reduction

compared to the traditional discs.Mini-discs are thin, so they must be exclusively used in cut operations. Side pressure can damage or break discs.

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