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Pubblished on: 29 March 2022
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We at Global Shipping pride ourselves on providing you not only with the best products to give your marble and natural stone the final polish, but also with practical, efficient machinery to help you get the work done. Top-of-the-line tools like these are essential for any construction project, so have a look at this sample of what we have to offer. Cutting, bending and lifting will be easier than ever.

Golden Bull – Rebar Cutting Machine

Our golden bull rebar cutting machines come in several models and sizes and are an essential tool to help you achieve perfectly perpendicular cuts in your concrete reinforcing steel rods. Different projects have different requirements, so feel free to explore the Standard line or the Evolution line to find the perfect match. Individual models differ in size, weight and energy requirements and are equipped to cut a different range of steel rod sizes, so make your choice according to your specific needs. Technical sheets are available for consultation.

Equipped with hardened steel blades, an adjustable screw locator to adapt to the quantity and size of your steel rods, and a centralized device that provides lubrication to all parts of the machine that require greasing, this piece of equipment is a guarantee of resistance and top-notch performance no matter which specific version is the one that is best for you.

Golden Bull – Rebar Bending Machine

Once you have cut your rebar down to size, you might find yourself in need of bending it, and this is where our Golden Bull rebar bending machines come in. An indispensable companion to the equipment described above, the Golden Bull series also comes in a Standard and an Evolution line, the latter of which is capable of obtaining larger bending radii than the previous models and comes equipped with large saddles that allow the user to perform double bending.

As with the cutting machines, each model of the Golden Bull bending machines differs from the others in size, weight, and capability to handle different rod sizes, so consult our technical sheets for details to find out which version best suits your needs.


Most major construction work involves lifting heavier loads than a single person can carry, and this is where our line of manual hoists comes in.

Our hoists are made of aluminum alloy and cemented steel, feature asynchronous, self-braking motors, and come with permanent lubrication. Depending on the model, they are capable of hoisting loads ranging between 500 and 1800 kilograms, so feel free to consult our technical sheets to make the best choice for your needs.

We at Global Shipping will be happy to see you include one or more of the products in this selection in your next order, and we hope you will keep relying on us as your trusted partner in all matters related to job sites.

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