Where the past meets the future: our brand new visual identity

Pubblished on: 20 May 2020
Category: About products

Our new logo, our strong heritage 

It all started more than 40 years ago. A story about a family travelling around the world, creating relationships of trust. This journey has only just begun. We now look at the future inspired by the strength of our experience, with a brand new look: we are pleased to show you our new company logo and website.

Global Shipping logo small

Take a look back: our History 

The two founders decided to create the company inspired by the portrait of a British shipping agent near the Dubai Creek, the vibrant port of the city. In 1985 our name was just “Shipping”, which later became the current company name: the decision was made after we touched with our hands the unprecedented economic growth of the building sector in Saudi Arabia and in the Arabian Gulf that made us realize that we wanted to assume a greater role. Thus was born Global Shipping: we provided our customers with tailor-made container shipping connecting Italy to all the principal seaports in the Middle East. We followed the carriage by sea of tons of goods, mostly marble and ceramic agglomerate tiles.  

In the nineties, the time of a renovation came again: a crisis in the sector occurred when new countries entered into the market with their ability to produce at lower costs. We realized in that period that we had an opportunity: to exploit our knowledge of the field, gained through years of trips and shipments by sea, in order to become a trustable supplier of building materials. From then on, we keep combining our expertise in shipping to our trading skills, always striving to provide you with the best services. 

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