Sea shipping tracking: how to check where your container is

Pubblished on: 30 August 2021
Category: About shipping

We have some exciting news: the Global Shipping website has just rolled out a brand new feature that will allow you to take a virtual trip around the world alongside your shipment.

If you have ever wished you could know where your cargo was at any given moment, come celebrate with us: the tracking feature implemented on our website will let you do exactly that, adding a whole new level of trust and security to your shipping.

Minimal hassle, maximum results

Our tracking service is intended to be extremely simple: just input the container number for up-to-date information on the progress of your shipment, from start to finish. This will allow you to check on your merchandise whenever you want and be alerted in case of any trouble—or lack thereof. Enjoy watching your cargo move from its starting point to its destination for a more reliable, worry-free experience than ever.

Straightforward and fun

Once you have entered your data, the tracking information will be laid out before you in a way that leaves no room for mistakes and even lets your imagination run wild: the container’s exact location will appear on a world map, allowing you to gauge at a glance how much distance it has already covered and how much it has left. It will be just like taking an imaginary trip by sea alongside your cargo, without ever moving from your office or home.

We at Global Shipping are constantly seeking to improve our customers’ experience with us, and as such, we are really glad to announce the implementation of this new feature and it is our hope that you will enjoy the addition and feel more secure in the knowledge that the exact location of your goods is always at your fingertips.

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