Italian transports: the hopes and challenges of 2022

Pubblished on: 12 April 2022
Category: About shipping

The global health crisis has had a remarkable impact not only on international shipping, but also on domestic transport logistics. Here is a brief overview of the current state of Italian transports, as well as a look at what we can expect in the near future as the world slowly goes back to normal.

Understanding the present…

The COVID-19 pandemic and the current political situation generated several pressing issues: from social distancing rules and restrictions to price increases for fuel and raw materials, Italy has been slower than other European countries in bouncing back from the health crisis and has experienced a series of strikes that only add to the generalized shortage of truck drivers.

Unlike other countries such as France and Germany in particular, which are estimated to have returned to levels that are comparable and even superior to 2019, Italy is still struggling to bridge the gap between the present and the pre-pandemic times. The current projections for the future, however, are cautiously optimistic.

… to look towards the future

Italy is expected to be involved in a general phase of sales and transport increases lasting until 2025 as the whole European continent gradually exits the unprecedented pandemic times. Although the current political events may slow down the process of growth and resilience that was projected only a few months ago, the estimates predict an upwards trend that seems to show that the height of the health crisis is behind us and the transport industry may eventually go back to what it once was.

The crisis has also allowed the people working in the field some time to rethink their practices, moving on to a greater use of software to optimize transport routes and simplify bureaucratic operations. This attempt to increase the efficiency of the transport sector is done with both an economic and environmental mindset: more optimized routes and less physical paperwork combined could cut costs and decrease greenhouse gas emissions in one fell swoop.

The future, by its very nature, is unpredictable, but a better understanding of the present may help you pilot its challenges and look to the upcoming years with hope. That is why we at Global Shipping are always willing to offer our decades-long experience as a trusted partner in all your shipping and trading endeavors and we hope to keep on building a reliable partnership together.

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