Global Shipping is now an approved exporter

Pubblished on: 22 October 2021
Category: About shipping

We are proud to announce that Global Shipping is celebrating now another achievement: we have recently obtained the status of approved exporter.

Let’s have a closer look at what makes Global Shipping an approved exporter, what perks come with the status, and the positive impact this will have on our clients going forward.

What is an approved exporter?

The status of approved exporter is officially recognized by both the EU customs and the custom agencies of those countries that have established a trade agreement with the European Union as a replacement for the EUR 1 certificate. This certificate declares the EU origin of the goods exported and thanks to it the importer can enjoy either the reduction or even the exemption on duties when importing from the EU. Therefore, our newly acquired status as “approved exporter” means that we can certify the origin of our products without issuing now the EUR 1 certificate.

What makes us an approved exporter?

We have applied for and obtained the status of approved exporter for three main reasons:
We export towards non-EU countries with trade agreements to which the status of approved exporter is applicable on a regular basis;
• We pride ourselves on being able to provide complete and exact documentation tracking and certifying the origin of our products, a requirement that is at the heart of the approved exporter status;
• Becoming an approved exporter allows our company to remain quick and reliable even in the face of some upcoming changes to the EUR 1 legislation which may negatively impact the speed of customs processing.

What does this mean for our customers?

Acquiring the approved exporter status does not only benefit us: it makes a positive difference to our customers as well. Here are a few reasons why.

• The release of the EUR 1 certificate increases the waiting time at customs, whereas being an approved exporter allows us to skip that step and ensure quicker delivery;
• The EUR 1 certificate also comes with a cost, which is now no longer a factor;
• Any discrepancy between the invoice and the EUR 1 certificate may be prosecuted by law, so being able to export cargo without it drastically reduces the chance of human error and its grave consequences.
We at Global Shipping look forward to bringing you all the benefits that this new achievement entails and we are thankful for your continued trust in our experience in the shipping and trading business.

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