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Pubblished on: 25 May 2022
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Cutting all kinds of heavy materials is one of the main problems that construction workers have to solve daily, and without the appropriate machinery, the task may seem daunting.

Luckily, we at Global Shipping offer a wide array of tools designed to combine speed, precision and ease of use in all your heavy-duty cutting endeavors, from metal to stone.

Let us walk you through the MANTA line of cutting machines, a versatile, inexpensive family of tools that your construction site will not be able to do without. Different projects have different needs, and the MANTA line has something to satisfy each of them.

MANTA ED 50-600-700 and MANTA TP

These are versatile, heavy-duty cutting machines suitable for all materials in a worksite. The submersible pump grants safety and durability of use by cooling the rapidly spinning blade as needed, and the ED models come with an optional diamond blade to cut through even the toughest materials. These machines are a good fit for any project: choose ED if you prefer a cutting machine standing on its own base, or TP if a cutting machine sliding along a workbench suits you better.

MANTA ED 65-85-100-120-150 and MANTA ED 120-150-200 Special

These are a series of versatile cutting machines that combine a competitive price with a high degree of precision. The head slides horizontally along two chromium-plated bars, moves vertically by means of a handwheel and can tilt to achieve 45 degree cuts; as in the previously described models, a water collection system with a submersible pump helps cool the blade. If exact cuts are what you are looking for, this might be the solution for you.


If you are specifically interested in cutting blocks, then these are the best we can offer for a safe, efficient working environment. Handwheels and traction belts control the motion of the cutting head, which can be positioned however you like, even at a 45 degree angle, and a protective screen is a basic accessory. Like other MANTA machines, these models come with a self-circulating water tank for cooling the blade.

Please consult our technical product sheets for further details on all MANTA cutting machines to choose the size and model that is the perfect fit for your individual needs. Whatever material you need to cut down to size, we at Global Shipping are always by your side, helping you stay on the cutting edge of technology figuratively and literally.

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