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Pubblished on: 16 November 2020
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Throughout history, marble, granite and natural stone have been materials meant to stand the test of time. Buildings, surfaces, even statues have survived centuries of adverse conditions without losing their charm, making these durable substances the finest choice if you intend to impress those who look at your project for a long time to come. Marble is a staple of Western architecture and art for a reason: given the right conditions, it preserves its majestic look for centuries, which makes it your top pick if you are planning for your work to last close to forever.

Even marble, however, is not indestructible: whether it is placed indoors, where it is subjected to daily use, or outdoors, where the rain, the sun and other natural agents can have their way with it, any marble or natural stone surface will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear—any museum is proof of it.

Fortunately, modern builders have plenty of resources at their disposal: with the appropriate treatment, you can preserve the natural look your marble is meant to have for much longer. With the latest advancements in science and technology, waterproofing surfaces and generally improving their durability without spoiling their natural look is within reach of anyone.
We at Global Shipping have recently expanded our range of products to include two new additions for you to consider if you are concerned about preserving the optimal state of your marble or natural stone.

Centurion: emerge victorious from your battles with the rain and sun!

If you are expecting your marble to be exposed to water in any way, consider applying Centurion to stave off the long-term effects on its look and quality.

If the final aesthetic is a major concern, Centurion does not alter the natural look of any surface that has been treated with it, but offers a virtually invisible protection from inclement weather and other deteriorating agents, delaying the formation of musk and moulds.

Finally, if you are planning for your marble to last, you can rest in the knowledge that Centurion is designed to be resistant to sun rays beating down on it and does not have a tendency to turn yellow with the passing of time and the exposure to the elements.

If you are looking for a versatile product meant to help your marble and natural stone endure a number of unfavourable conditions while looking as new as it was on day one, please consider including Centurion in your next order.

High Drop: add a little extra shine!

High Drop is a solvent-based tone enhancer that combines waterproofing properties with a pleasant wet-look effect to lend your marble, granite and natural stone a special kind of shine and make its natural colour pop. With High Drop, as with Centurion, a natural look is always the ultimate goal: it does not drastically alter the properties of your marble, it only adds a little extra lustre to what is already there.

You can apply it with a brush to any indoor or outdoor surface without concern: High Drop is compatible with a number of previous treatments and is the perfect finish whether the area of application is rough or it has been flamed, sanded, antiqued or brushed.

If preserving your marble is not enough and you truly want it to stand out, High Drop’s combination of waterproofing and enhancing qualities is the way to go: a wet look may be pleasing to the eye, but if you are expecting your surfaces to get wet, that is also a legitimate concern for their long-term endurance. Why not prepare for the eventuality while improving the aesthetic quality of your project all at the same time?

We at Global Shipping will be glad to see you consider our recommendations for a marble meant to last. With over four decades of experience in the trading and shipping business, we are happy to provide for all your preservation and weather-proofing needs: Centurion and High Drop are only the latest in a wide range of state-of-the-art products for marble, granite and natural stone for you to explore.

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