New solutions for gluing ceramic and natural stone surfaces

Pubblished on: 23 November 2020
Category: About products

Gluing ceramic and natural stone requires the right choices. Not all gluing and laminating products are the same and any project can benefit from an experienced partner providing high-quality solutions.

If you want the task to be completed quickly and the result to be sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, you can rely on Global Shipping’s expertise in the field: we take pride in keeping abreast of the latest technologies and solutions to provide you with products to bring your project to completion faster and more easily than ever without compromising its quality.

Speed and ease of application, versatility and strong adherence to any surface all in one place, without neglecting the beauty of the finished work: if you think it sounds too good to be true, think again, because this powerful combination is what we promise to offer with the latest additions to our range of adhesive substances designed for ceramic and natural stone.

Silver Bond: quick, strong and shiny

We take special pride in its remarkable versatility: Silver Bond has been studied and developed to glue and laminate marble, natural stone such as quartz, travertine and more, synthetic stones, traditional ceramics and technical ceramics such as detkton and lapitek.

The chemical properties of Silver Bond will cause it to change colour during application, but this natural part of the process should not be cause for concern: by the end, it will go back to its original transparent white look, giving your ceramic or natural stone a nice, shiny finish while ensuring that it is glued in place as best as it can be.

Silver Bond should take between fifteen and twenty-five minutes to dry, even if you are working in low temperatures, and guarantees excellent adhesion and long-lasting beauty: it does not turn yellow over time, which means that its original shiny quality will endure long after your project is completed.

We at Global Shipping will be delighted to know that Silver Bond meets your indoor gluing and laminating needs. Please consider including Silver Bond in your next order to see its versatility and ease of use for yourself.

G-Bond: perfect for the great outdoors!

Where Silver Bond is designed mainly for indoor use, Mixer Bond is the adhesive for you if you are working outdoors and are concerned about the weather threatening the strength and look of your ceramic and natural stone projects.

G-Bond is a bi-component high adhesion system ideal for both interior and exterior gluing. Its great versatility guarantees resistant bonding of solid surfaces, ceramic agglomerates, marble, stones, technical ceramics and porcelain stoneware.

Another notable feature of G-Bond is that it is also highly resistant to yellowing even in adverse outdoor conditions, making it the perfect adhesive if you want your surfaces to preserve their original look even when exposed to inclement weather.

G-Bond comes in 215 ml cartridges and is designed to prevent mixing errors during application: resin and hardener are already pre-dosed in their intended 2:1 ratio, making the measuring of the correct quantities of both components effortless, provided that you make use of the special static mixer spout and an appropriate gun.

High quality and ease of application combine to guarantee strong adhesion that should be achieved in thirty to forty minutes, allowing for the cutting and polishing of the glued pieces.

Once hardened, G-Bond makes for a smooth, shiny surface that you will find remarkably easy to polish: strength of adhesion is of course a major deciding factor when choosing a gluing solution, but the aesthetic value of a ceramic or stone surface that maintains an impression of newness and cleanliness easily and for a long time is an added boon for any project, especially if it is located outdoors, where the risk of your hard work getting dirty and worn is higher. Whether you need to glue and laminate a ceramic or stone surface meant to be inside, protected from the elements, or outside in the great outdoors, exposed to the sun and rain, we at Global Shipping highly recommend that you include G-Bond in your next order if you need an adhesive that is both reliable and visually pleasing.

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