New and more manageable format for High Lux

Pubblished on: 19 October 2021
Category: About products

High Lux, a solvent-based varnish for marble and granite surfaces, is one of our top products for polishing, especially in tricky cases where a previous incorrect polishing has caused imperfections, or where chemical polishing is the only solution because a mechanical method is not possible.

Easy to apply and dry in five minutes, High Lux creates a thin, colorless protective layer that gives your marble or granite surface a nicer, shinier look and does not yellow over time.

What’s new?

This already versatile liquid polishing agent has just become even more versatile: it is now available in a 250 mL format as well as 750 mL, just in case your project is on a smaller scale.

While it is not recommended for floors, High Lux can otherwise boast a great variety of uses, as it is ideal both indoors and outdoors and can be safely exposed to the weather; with a new and more practical format for sale, your imagination is the limit.

Global Shipping High Lux

If the marble or granite that was in need of polishing was too small a problem to fix with a large 750 mL can, now you have the option to treat smaller surfaces with a more manageable 250 mL version of High Lux without fear of letting the rest go to waste.

We at Global Shipping are always striving to broaden the range of our offer, and we would be grateful if you added the new format of High Lux to your next order. If you tried High Lux before and were satisfied with the result, this packs exactly the same quality in a smaller container; if this is your first time experimenting with it, 250 mL are safer for a test run than 750, but we are confident that the test will leave you wanting more.

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