Making your air and water flowing with proper hoses

Pubblished on: 25 February 2021
Category: About products

Construction and outdoor work sometimes comes with drawbacks, and one of those is the occasional need for air or water hoses, which can be heavy and cumbersome to work with and an eyesore for those who happen to see them.

With Global Shipping, these concerns are a thing of the past. We offer a wide range of rubber and PVC hoses that are ideal for any sort of air or water flow your line of work might need, from a large construction project to tending to a modest garden. This is why we think they might be the perfect solution for you.

Let your garden thrive

Professional and amateur gardeners both know the struggle: keeping a garden healthy and thriving can be a labour feat, especially when it comes to keeping your plants watered regularly.

With a flexible water hose such as Jaguar, the task can be completed not only more efficiently, but without compromising the aesthetic value of your garden: its yellow and green coloration blends with the greenery of a garden just enough not to be the first thing a visitor will notice, while staying distinctive enough that no one will trip and fall.

Save yourself a few trips back and forth with a watering jug: Jaguar water hoses will make your garden look its very best… even when you leave the tools of the trade lying around for all to see.

Air hoses for your every need

Gardeners, however, are not the only ones who might need a hose: air hoses are a common requirement in construction, and if you need some, we at Global Shipping have got you covered.

Globo air hoses strive to adapt to the unique requirements of every project: with a choice between red or black and two distinct kinds of outer layer, one corrugated, one smooth. It is up to you to decide which Globo product works best for your endeavour.

With your knowledge of the specific needs of your construction project and our expertise in selecting the best products to meet those needs, we are confident we can make Globo air hoses work for you. All you have to do is add them to your next order and test them out, and we believe they will match and even surpass your expectations.

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