How to keep your black marble in top shape with Granitop

Pubblished on: 9 February 2021
Category: About products

Black marble and granite are synonymous with a classy, elegant look, but such a look is far from easy to maintain. Any crack or imperfection in a surface made of such materials takes away from the viewer’s first impression, and as they say, there is never a second chance to make a good first impression.

Luckily for you, Global Shipping has something that can help: if you want to take good care of your black marble or granite countertops and other surfaces, we recommend Granitop, a solvent-based product designed to keep black marble in top shape.

Granitop comes in the form of a black liquid that you will find easy to apply and just as easy to remove in case of excess due to its wax/silicon nature. Even if you are not in possession of specialized tools such as an automatic waxing machine, do not be concerned: Granitop can be applied just with a simple cloth.

It is made to penetrate black marble deeply and treat any small flaw in its surface, granting it a smooth, homogenous look with a polished finish that enhances its dark, lustrous tones.

Granitop means protection and beauty all rolled up into one, and even one application will last you for a long time to come: Granitop does not have a tendency to turn yellow in the long term, and with its good permeability to water vapour, it even does well in humid environments.

If you have any black marble or granite that deserves a bit of a treat, Granitop is exactly what you need.
We thank you for continuing to trust Global Shipping’s expertise in the marble and natural stone industry, and we will be very glad to see you include Granitop in your next order to test its unique polishing and protection capabilities.

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