Give your marble a new shine!

Pubblished on: 9 October 2020
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Everybody knows that it is important to look your best in every situation: keeping marble and stone polished to a shine can add an extra bit of lustre to any environment.

High Lux, High Wax and High Glossy are part of a new line of products meant for the protection and polishing of marble, granite and natural stone: give them a try and your surfaces will never lose their brilliance.

Why choose us for marble treatment

Brought to you by Global Shipping’s decades of experience in the natural stone sector, this new range of products is specifically designed with your target markets in mind: any clients in need of restoring marble, granite or stone to its former shine will find that we at Global Shipping pride ourselves on utilising prime raw materials and cutting-edge technology to deliver a product that will preserve its polished, well-kept look for a long time to come.

Our aim is to offer you the perfect combination between high quality and a competitive price: explore our range in greater detail below to find what best suits your needs.

A triple threat for marble polishing

No two clients are the same: we at Global Shipping strive to diversify our offer so as to meet the widest possible range of needs.

Together, the polishing and protection capacity of High Lux, High Wax and High Glossy are a triple threat to the many factors that might cause your marble and stone surfaces to lose their original shine. Whether you are concerned about the effect of the passing of time, or you want to fix the imperfections generated by a previous incorrect attempt at polishing, this range surely has something for you.

From a solvent-based varnish that achieves the perfect glossy look by chemical means, where mechanical polishing is not an option, leaving behind a thin, colourless protective layer that does not yellow over time, to a solid wax that will give a new lease of life to any old, opaque marble, granite or stone in your home, we strongly believe that our new line of polishing products includes the ideal solution for your individual preferences and needs.

Whichever option you choose, we thank you for trusting our expertise in the field and we are confident that your trust is not misplaced: we at Global Shipping work relentlessly to ensure that your experience is the best it can be, from beginning to end.

All you have to do is try our new products, we will be glad to see you include a few boxes in your next orders so you can test their capabilities.

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